The Boghossian Foundation has chosen a universal language, that of artistic expression, to promote dialogue between cultures.

Conceived by internationally renowned curators, the exhibitions presented at the Villa Empain since its opening in 2010 reveal the work of artists from all horizons.

« Art has for result, even if it isn’t it’s apparent object,
the betterment of mankind. » Victor Hugo

When process becomes form

Dansaekhwa and Korean abstraction 20 February › 24 April 2016

Dansaekhwa brought to the public about 50 paintings and paper works from the 1970s and 1980s. Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, working at the crossroads of diverse stylistic negotiations and within a politically and socially charged context, the seven featured Korean artists in this exhibition employed abstraction as a means of synthesis and innovation.

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Sarkis with Parajanov

24 September 2015 › 31 January 2016

In the context of the 2015 commemorations of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, the Boghossian Foundation presented an exhibition of two major artists of the Armenian contemporary culture.

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Heaven and Hell

From magic carpets to drones 6 March › 6 September 2015

The magic carpet has long been a symbolic way of travelling around the world. In Persian mythology, King Solomon had a magic carpet. The exhibition Heaven and Hell broached the theme of flying machines and flying carpets according to a variation of artistic interpretations.

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Music Palace

The power of music seen by visual artists 25 September 2014 › 8 February 2015

Music Palace, as a call for freedom that awakens all the promises of the music in the sumptuous setting of the Villa Empain. With a selection of contemporary works, Diane Hennebert examined the relationship between music and cultures through artistic creation.

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A book between two stools

1 March › 7 September 2014

For two millennia the book has been expressing a set of world values and representations. This exhibition included almost 200 books and chairs created by artists hailing from different cultures and invited the public to react to these symbolic reflections and meanings.

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The Blue Route

27 September 2013 › 9 February 2014

This exhibition followed the footsteps of the Silk Road through the color blue, for centuries inspiring artists, craftsmen and poets, both in the East and West alike.

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Turbulences II

28 February › 1 September 2013

Unlike other so called “stable or balanced” matters, the turbulent processes are extremely touching, irreversible and unpredictable. The works presented in this exhibition were crossed by fascinating streams and demonstrate the art of playing with turbulence.

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Edouard and Cleopatra

Egyptomanias from the XIXth century 20 September 2012 › 10 February 2013

From the 18th century and during the Napoleon Bonaparte’s campaign in particular, Egypt fascinates searchers as well as art and antiquities lovers. From fascinating mommies to detailed description of the Nile’s shores, one captivating universe is laid out through this exhibition.

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Art is the Answer!

Contemporary Lebanese artists and designers 29 March › 2 September 2012

Together with the launch of the annual Boghossian Foundation Prize for young Lebanese artists, the Foundation has decided to hold an exhibition in Brussels, offering a meaningful vision of the Lebanese contemporary art scene.

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A dream of eternity

The long road of Oriental arts 7 October 2011 › 26 February 2012

Time is usually considered from two opposite angels: the instant and the duration. However, there is a third dimension of time, registered in the theory of dynamic systems, defended by mathematician Henri Poincaré and which has been highlighted in this exhibition: that of a long time, potentially never-ending.

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Women’s modesty and anger

11 March › 25 September 2011

Rituals, wigs, scarfs, make-up and so many other constraints determined the life of women for centuries, between mutilation, dissimulation and unveiling. The Boghossian Foundation wished to echo these multiple aspects of the feminine body through this exhibition.

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Colors of the Orient

Arts and Lifestyle in the Ottoman Empire 18 November 2010 › 27 February 2011

The Boghossian Foundation presented an exhibition which underlined the richness of the cultural inheritance transmitted by the Ottoman Empire, since the 15th Century until the beginning of the 19th Century.

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