The Boghossian Foundation has chosen a universal language, that of artistic expression, to promote dialogue between cultures.

Conceived by internationally renowned curators, the exhibitions presented at the Villa Empain since its opening in 2010 reveal the work of artists from all horizons.

« Art has for result, even if it isn’t it’s apparent object,
the betterment of mankind. » Victor Hugo

Beyond Borders

6 September 2018 › 24 February 2019

Since Ancient history, borders have raised questions related to themes of internal and external, identity and belonging. Featuring a selection of works by artists from East and West, the exhibition was enriched by the European Investment Bank collection.

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15 March › 19 August 2018

The exhibition explored, along a course dominated by the color blue, issues such as nostalgia for ancient forms and a bygone era; for the depiction of solitude, ruins, and passing time.

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Instantanés d’Orient

7 December 2017 › 11 February 2018

The Boghossian Foundation presented 'Instantanés d’Orient', a selection of photographs from the Biennal of contemporary photographers from the Arab world shown in Paris at the Arab world institute as well as at the European house of photography in 2017.

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Vasilis Zarifopoulos 8 November › 26 November 2017

Artist Vasilis Zarifopoulos presented SITUATION in the frame of his residency at the Boghossian Foundation. The project was an attempt to synthesize the works and diverse field of ideas that emerged from the residency of artists, choreographers, writers, musicians at the Foundation.

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Ways of Seeing

22 September 2017 › 18 February 2018

Taking its cue from John Berger’s 1972 seminal text on visual culture, 'Ways of Seeing' explored the various formalistic strategies that artists employ to re-configure our perception of the world. Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, the exhibition invited the viewer to investigate the manifold ways by which artists accord forms and concepts that are otherwise familiar with renewed appearances and meanings.

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Sculptures route in Brussels

17 July › 4 September 2017

In 2017, the City of Brussels inaugurated an exhibition consisting of four sculptures in its pedestrian zone. This initiative by Karine Lalieux, Alderwoman for Culture, was made possible thanks to a close collaboration with the Boghossian Foundation who has made available pieces from her collection and planned a short tour through the public space.

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Chun Kwang Young

18 May › 10 September 2017

The artist Chun Kwang Young was the subject of the first solo presentation to date at the Boghossian Foundation. In congruence with the foundation’s focus on art and dialogue between cultures, Chun’s work emerges from a complex group of forms and influences, even as it achieves an elemental unity.

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19 April › 10 September 2017

Designed by curators Hans-Ulrich Obrist et Asad Raza, focused on the work of writer, poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant and his inspiring call for a global dialogue that does not erase local cultures.

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Imaginary Frontiers

24 February › 30 April 2017

Conceived by Louma Salamé, Imaginary Frontiers was an exhibition devoted to the theme of borders, visible and invisible and to mental mapping.

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Seeing Zen

10 November 2016 › 29 January 2017

'Seeing Zen' presented an exhibition of sixty Zenga masterpieces from the fourteenth to twentieth centuries. Zenga means, Seeing Zen through the vehicle of painting. Zenga bear witness to Zen ideals and challenge the viewer to look deeply into the meaning of the painting – and by extension look deeply into oneself.

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8 September 2016 › 2 April 2017

Decor, co-curated by Tino Sehgal, Dorothea von Hantelmann and Asad Raza was an exhibition about the decorative in modern and contemporary art and at the same time simply be a decoration of the Villa Empain.

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13 May › 21 August 2016

The exhibition Répétition, co-curated by Asad Raza and Nicola Lees, included historic graphic art works arranged in a mise-en-scene of new commissions by international artists. In addition, the choreographer Andros Zins-Browne presented Already Unmade, the parallel project he conceived specially for the Villa Empain.

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