The Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain is exceptionally closed on Thursday 20 June. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you from Friday 21 June, until 8 September for the visit of the exhibition Josef and Anni Albers.

The Boghossian Foundation has chosen a universal language, that of artistic expression, to promote dialogue between cultures.

Conceived by internationally renowned curators, the exhibitions presented at the Villa Empain since its opening in 2010 reveal the work of artists from all horizons.

« Art has for result, even if it isn’t it’s apparent object,
the betterment of mankind. » Victor Hugo

Armenia. Contemplating the sacred

10 November 2023 › 26 May 2024

An invitation to travel to millennia-old Armenia, where virtual reality blends with historical vestiges and contemporary works of art.

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Tentoonstelling Water op de Villa Empain Kim Tschang-Yeul


19 October 2023 › 10 March 2024

From the smallest droplet of water to the vastness of the ocean, the exhibition explores the ever-changing states of water and the different ways it is used by artists summoning different aesthetic, poetic, sensory or political approaches.

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Exhibition by Agathe Bukanowski in the Villa Empain's residence


Brussels Drawing Week 6 October › 8 October 2023

Agathe Bokanowski presents her charcoal drawings, an extension of the Bois de la Cambre, at the residence of the Villa Empain, in the frame of the Brussels Drawing Week.

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Duos in Resonance

25 June › 20 August 2023

The exhibition presents the results of research by five pairs, five exciting encounters between craftsmen and designers.

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House of Dreamers

15 June › 1 October 2023

This summer, the Villa Empain returns to its intended use and evokes a poetic stroll through the rooms of a house revisited.

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Tentoonstelling Family Matters aan de Boghossianstichting

Family Matters

2 March › 28 May 2023

Through a series of videos, installations, sculptures, paintings and drawings, 'Family Matters' takes visitors on a journey of experiences on the topic of the family, the childhood, the couple, brotherhood, sisterhood…

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Artists' Jewellery | Collection Diane Venet 18 November 2022 › 28 May 2023

From Picasso to Koons, discover the artists' jewellery of the Collection Diane Venet in an exhibition that brings together the greatest movements in modern art, from Surrealism to abstract art.

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29 September 2022 › 22 January 2023

The exhibition 'Flags' explores the constant place of flags in art from the great historical painting to contemporary installations through a transnational journey of exchange and confrontation.

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Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined

Biennale di Venezia 23 April › 27 November 2022

Supported by the Boghossian Foundation, the exhibition 'Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined' presents the aesthetics of the Korean artist at the Palazzo Contarini Polignac during the 59th Biennale of Venice.

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Nagorno-Karabakh: behind the scenes of the last few hours

By the photographer Olivier Papegnies 19 April › 29 April 2022

The Boghossian Foundation presents, in the Studio of the Artists Residence, an exhibition of striking photographies taken by Olivier Papegnies during the violent conflict that took place in the Nagorno-Karabakh region in the autumn of 2020.

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Michel Polak

Technology and craftsmanship, an architecture of wonder 7 April › 21 August 2022

Architect and aesthete Michel Polak created many buildings that are now seen as emblematic of the City of Brussels, among them the Residence Palace, the Hotel Plaza and the Villa Empain. The exhibition offers a new reading of his work in the light of the historical, technological and stylistic upheavals of the time.

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Portrait of a Lady

24 March › 4 September 2022

The exhibition illustrates the representation of women from prehistoric times to today. The exhibition brings together a selection of ancient and contemporary artworks from Eastern and Western cultures.

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