Between the years 2006 and 2010 the Boghossian Foundation took on the task of designing and renovating Lovers’ Park in Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia. The Park was officially inaugurated in 2008, in the presence of Mr. Sarkissian, the President of the Republic of Armenia and several representatives of the Boghossian Family.

This Oasis of greenery at the heart of the capital, inspired by oriental gardens and the stony mountains landscapes of Armenia, was designed by the Swiss landscape artist Pierre Rembach.

Amongst other artists, the Boghossian Foundation invited Jean-Michel Othoniel and Nadim Karam to design new monumental works for the Lovers’ Park making it a space for cultural and artistic events, as well as a playground and meditation area all of which alternate in a harmonious rhythm, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In 2014, Jean-Michel Othoniel created the sculpture Coeur d’Obstidienne. The sculpture is made entirely from obsidian, this material come from seams of obsidian, which are one of Armenia’s particularities. This work seems to burst out from the water. Its shape symbolizes the country itself, the material stands for the power of fire, and the place where it was installed was chosen to symbolize permanence.

In 2017, Nadim Karam conceived a work entitled Trio Elephants. It consists of 3 sculptures representing a family of elephants. Made of perforated corten steel sheets, the sculptures combine shapes of the 1001 elements of Karam’s lexigram, suggesting that the elephants carry memories within. The installation thus invites the strollers of the Lover’s Park to weave their own stories, while playing hide and seek with the elephants that seem to disappear and reappear in the park due to their color.