Cultural Embassy for Children

Bring your class to discover the Villa Empain, an iconic building in Brussels, an Art Deco gem that witnesses to its time, and functions today as a centre for art and dialogue between the cultures of East and West.

Discover the fascinating contemporary art exhibitions presented there and sensitize your students to intercultural dialogue!

On the programme of your guided and interactive: visit, two hours of discovery and creativity centred around one of our 3 themes, of your choice.

Pure Art Deco

Discovering an architectural trend

8-16 years old

During a guided tour, discover the Villa Empain and pierce the secrets of Art Deco. Then it’s time for creativity: geometric shapes and patterns are at the centre of a creative activity that takes children to the very heart of the architectural style

  • A guided tour of the Villa Empain
  • A creative workshop that brings architecture to the forefront

Introduction to contemporary art

Contemporary art and intercultural dialogue

8-14 years old

Discover contemporary art exhibitions that forge links between Eastern and Western cultures, in the company of our visual artists. Experience the multiple practices of modern-day artistic creativity while exploring the issue of intercultural dialogue. A uniquely enriching and creative experience.

  • Guided tour of the current exhibition
  • Creative workshop preceded by an introduction to contemporary art

Immersion into the heart of the Roaring Twenties

A disguised immersion into the heart of the Roaring Twenties

6/8-12 years old

The Roaring Twenties, a festive and carefree period, during which the project to build the Villa Empain was born. Discover for yourself this wonderful period and have fun, because History comes to life at the Villa Empain. (disguises, dances and fun guided activities)

  • A visit combining play and History

Enrol your class

In French or Dutch

The Cultural Embassy for Children is free for all students!

T. +32 2 627 52 30

These original visits are designed and led with our partners: the CIVA Foundation, Jeunesse et Arts plastiques and Laura Moreau.