The Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain will be exceptionally closed on Saturday 13 July from 4 pm. We advise you to arrive for the visit of the exhibitions Josef and Anni Albers and Beyond the lines at 3 pm at the latest. Thank you for your understanding.

From the earliest times to the present day, water has always been a source of fascination and inspiration due to its vital and spiritual dimension. Indeed, the relationship between living beings and the world is formed by water.

The Boghossian Foundation presents the exhibition Water, a poetic and emotional exploration into the oeuvre of South Korean artist Kim Tschang-Yeul, renowned for his depictions of water droplets. The exhibition tackles the various manifestations of water through a wealth of contemporary artworks and in situ installations by artists from all backgrounds.

Set in the breath-taking Art Deco walls of the Villa Empain, Water proposes a myriad of unique artistic approaches by artists exploring a timeless and universal theme. From the smallest droplet of water to the vastness of the ocean, Water explores the ever-changing states of water and the different ways it is used by artists summoning different aesthetic, poetic, sensory or political approaches.

With the intention of restoring intimacy into the heart of the visit, the exhibition calls on visitors to create sensitive, cellular emotions and memories.

« Art to dip and bathe in, sometimes subtle and elegant, sometimes head first. »

Focus Knack, January 2024
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