The Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain is exceptionally closed on Thursday 20 June. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you from Friday 21 June, until 8 September for the visit of the exhibition Josef and Anni Albers.

The elegance declines here as the lead. If this theme is inspired by the beauty of the very house, it is advisable to assert in a more general way that the elegance constitutes a precious inheritance, a way of belonging to the world and to the others, the grace and the delicacy in the expression, in the gestures, in the recognized quality of the things which surround us.

Since the Antiquity, the elegance was widely passed on in the West by the oriental cultures, in particular thanks to the spice and the silk roads. As time goes by, this contribution considerably influenced the tastes, the behavior, the desire of refinement and the creative capacity of the European cultures, at the aesthetic, philosophic, poetic, ornamental and culinary levels. What is elegance, if not a way of welcoming the other one at home, as a precious host? And leaving, to create the conditions of an indispensable prerequisite to any real dialogue.

This first exhibition was thought as an itinerary of feelings, from Venice to the boundaries of Korea and Japan, evoking the multiple enrichments and the artistic exchanges between the West and the East. Giving the priority to a transverse approach, its designers propose an original path through the times, the various ways of expression and the cultures which were crossed by these mutual influences since thousands of years.