This project aims to highlight different artistic approaches and the realities of bonding: territorial bonds, emotional bonds, intergenerational bonds of a collective memory or even bonds of objects…

Of links and exiles showcases the works of seven artists from Morocco who work between the arab word and Europe: Zainab Andalibe, Saddie Choua, Hassan Darsi, Hanane El Farissi, Abdessamad El Montassir, Wiame Haddad, Randa Maroufi.

For the closing of the exhibition Of links and exiles, Saddie Choua and Wmns Parliament invite artists and intellectuals to meet the public in the Salon of Fatima Mernissi, the installation designed by Choua for the Villa Empain.

Speakers: Professor Petra Van Brabandt (philosopher), Silvia Puccini (student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts), Saffina Rana (DJ/journalist), Sinem Yilmaz (European Network of Migrant Women), Corine Datema (graphic designer), Tuija Asta Järvenpää (Wmns Parliament, artist), Samira Saleh (slam poet), Lazara Rosell Albear (artist, musician), Saddie Choua & Fatima Mernissi.

« The Boghossian Foundation is in an exceptional, timeless location
where two exhibitions on the theme of time, exile and borders are on show,
dealing with issues that are still relevant today.

La Première, 26 January 2019
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