The Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain will be exceptionally closed on Saturday 13 July from 4 pm. We advise you to arrive for the visit of the exhibitions Josef and Anni Albers and Beyond the lines at 3 pm at the latest. Thank you for your understanding.

The Boghossian Foundation is proud to announce the exhibition Duos in Resonance, a passionate dialogue between designers and craftsmen initiated by Wallonie Design.

After a call for applications, craftsmen and designers were invited to meet and to create a joint project. The exhibition showcases the outcomes of the research of five pairs of craftsmen – a watchmaker-engraver, textile pleating specialist, wool specialist, brickmaker and decorator specialising in faux marble and wood – as well as industrial, textile, architectural, and ceramic designers.

The artisan’s workshop is a genuine laboratory for innovation where the field of the possible grows, hypotheses are formed, and tests and prototypes are conducted. By bringing designers into direct contact with specialists in diverse materials and techniques, they enjoy a privileged environment to co-design projects with craftsmen. Moreover, artisan discover other approaches and methodologies inviting them to break away from their everyday activities.

Duos in Resonance reinforces the dialogue between the worlds of arts & craft and design, fosters experiments, and provides a forum for exploration, learning, and questioning the uses, techniques, and materials. Inevitably, this entails a reflection on the protection of rare crafts and their future development, and on more sustainable methods of consumption… While the relationship between designers and artisans has always been strong, today, this complementarity has become increasingly important and meaningful in our rapidly changing society.


Pairs for the 2023 edition are Bernard Van Ormelingen, watchmaker and engraver, and Serge Rusak, industrial designer / Dewi Brunet, textile pleater, and Ana Maria Gomez, textile designer / Francoise Lesage, wool specialist, and Pauline Dornat, textile designer / Mathieu Guitoun, brickmaker, and Studio HIER, industrial designer and architect / Pierre-Yves Morel, decorative painter specialising in faux marble and faux wood, and Studio Biskt, industrial designer and ceramist.

“A magnificent dialogue between craftsmen
and designers”

La Première, 2 July 2023