According to legend, recounted by Greek and Roman historians, Armenia was founded by a descendant of Noah. A mythical birth for a people whose history has been marked by tragedy, down to the devastating events of recent weeks. And yet, the fascination remains intact when faced with the exceptional architectural and cultural heritage that characterises this civilisation.

In partnership with Iconem, immersive videos present visitors with a truly unique experience as they discover endangered historic sites such as the emblematic monasteries of Geghard, Haghpat, Hayravank, Kirants and Arakelots, as well as the sites of Surp Hovannes – Meghri and Deghdznut.

The exhibition also features exceptional items from the Musée Arménien de France. Miniatures, manuscripts, precious liturgical objects never before exhibited to the public, will be shown alongside works by contemporary artists such as Mekhitar Garabedian, Antoine Agoudjian, Jean Boghossian, Aïda Kazarian and Pascal Convert.


« Armenia. Contemplating the sacred, invites you on a magnificent journey that illustrates the Armenians’ special relationship with time. »

France Arménie, January 2024