Time is usually considered from two opposite angels: the instant and the duration. However, there is a third dimension of time, registered in the theory of dynamic systems, defended by mathematician Henri Poincaré: that of a long time, potentially never-ending.

The Boghossian Foundation has chosen to evoke this long time here; not from a scientific approach, but rather through the presentation of artistic expressions stemming from various cultures and times.

In every culture, the notion of time is inseparable from the human consciousness and its finitude, from the spiritual, religious and social life, from the artistic and artisanal creation.

Dream of eternity, myth of the eternal returning, meditation and contemplation are expressed through works of art which are sometimes spectacular, sometimes humble, testifying of a big patience.

Used to the time (which) runs from the western modernity, neglecting more and more the values of the transmission and the inheritances of ancient know-how, we remain nevertheless fascinated by their persistence in the oriental creation, whether artistic or artisanal.

The project for this exhibition came from an impressive selection of oriental embroidered textiles. In order to emphasize the dialogue between various cultures, the Boghossian Foundation chose to present these magnificent textiles in addition to the other creations which inevitably evoke the long time necessary for their realization: lacquers, miniatures, lace, and jewelry, are especially a part of these testimonies.

The beauty of this ensemble is even more reinforced by the vicinity of works realized by contemporary artists who express various perceptions of time, going from slowness, wisdom, meditation to old age and death.

The exhibition A dream of eternity will be presented at the Villa Empain, Center of art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West, from October 7th 2011 until February 26th 2012.

It is conceived and coordinated by Diane Hennebert, in charge of the Direction of the Boghossian Foundation, with the close cooperation of Christophe Dosogne, Artistic Advisor of the Boghossian Foundation and Magali Defrenne, Collection Administrator.

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