The Boghossian Foundation presents A call to travel, an invitation to walk, to contemplate and to interact with contemporary works of art. A few steps away from the Villa Empain, the installation of six monumental works in a small area of the Bois de la Cambre was conceived to propose a journey that invites the public, for one year, to discover the many ways in which artists reinvent the landscape.

In keeping with its tradition of presenting a dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures and reflecting its artistic programme, the Boghossian Foundation brings together Belgian and international artists from the East and the West, and from all generations around this project.

This proposal opts for a gender balance in its selection of artists in order to emphasise the Foundation’s commitment to respecting the egalitarian values it holds dear. The selection of Belgian artists or artists working in Belgium evokes the Foundation’s unfailing support for national artists, and the choice of a Lebanese artist and an Armenian artist recalls its mission for dialogue with Eastern cultures.

The itinerary presents the works of Ara Alekyan (Armenia), Thierry Bontridder (Belgium), Jiana Kim (Korea), Samar Mogharbel (Lebanon), Léopoldine Roux (France) and Kaz Shirane (Japan). The walk exhibits archaic, universal and simple architectural forms, such as the arch or the circle. Designed to be touched, walked through, photographed, the works, which are made of different materials, have been dedicated to stewarding their respective environments.