19 October 2023 › 10 March 2024

From the smallest droplet of water to the vastness of the ocean, the exhibition explores the ever-changing states of water and the different ways it is used by artists summoning different aesthetic, poetic, sensory or political approaches.

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Armenia. Contemplating the sacred

10 November 2023 › 10 March 2024

An invitation to travel to millennia-old Armenia, where virtual reality blends with historical vestiges and contemporary works of art.

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Extra muros

A call to travel

A trail of sculptures in the Bois de la Cambre

1 December 2022 › 1 January 2024

In the Bois de la Cambre, a few steps away from the Villa Empain, six monumental works invite the public to walk, to contemplate and to discover contemporary works of art.

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Architecture and garden

The Villa Empain

The exhibitions of the Boghossian Foundation take place in the Villa Empain, a masterpiece of art deco architecture, designed by Michel Polak at the request of Baron Louis Empain. Discover the history of the house


Like a mirror of water, the huge swimming pool reflects the back side of the house. Surrounded by a pergola adorned with brightly colored mosaics, it is an essential part of the gardens. The garden of the Villa is decorated with contemporary sculptures. Discover the garden

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