A new era seemed to be dawning with the fall of the Wall, dominated by a spirit of democratic convergence, the decline of ideological confrontation and a pervading optimism about the aim of ‘perpetual peace’. But if the thesis of the obsolescence of war had become the dominant one for a while, we have to agree on a more recent turning point: in today’s world, there are no longer any automatic friendships or absolutely predictable alignments.

With erudition and lucidity, Ghassan Salamé presents in his latest book La tentation de Mars (Fayard, 2024) an unprecedented picture of the world stage. Drawing on his vast experience, he revisits the third of a century that has passed since 1990 and attempts to imagine the world as it is emerging before our eyes. Ghassan Salamé was invited to a special evening at the Boghossian Foundation. In conversation with Christophe Ayad, reporter at Le Monde, he provides an insight into this new “temptation of Mars” and the urgent need to prevent it.