Together with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and the Midis de la Poésie, the Boghossian Foundation organizes an evening of poetry for Etel Adnan, artist and poet – raised in Lebanon and who recently passed away in Paris at the age of 96. She was invited to a poetry night during the 2020 edition, but was canceled due to the pandemic. This evening is a local homage to her work, conceived with poets who are influenced by Adnan: each of them will read a poem by her, respond with their own composition, in a form of correspondence with a plurality of voices.

The evening hosted by Soraya Amrani include artist and writer Ninar Esber, artist Pélagie Gbaguidi who exhibited in Metz in the last exhibition curated by Etel Adnan, actress and writer Dima Mikhayel Matta, and the poet Souhaib Ayoub.