The Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain will be exceptionally closed on Saturday 13 July from 4 pm. We advise you to arrive for the visit of the exhibitions Josef and Anni Albers and Beyond the lines at 3 pm at the latest. Thank you for your understanding.

Linda Karshan has turned her drawing practice into a form of performance, in which the body’s gestures are the driving force behind the composition. As part of the Josef and Anni Albers exhibition, she presents her first public performance of drawing in water. From the living rooms where her works on paper are exhibited to the Villa’s swimming pool, the artist invites you to witness this unique creative process.

When the American artist discovered the gridded floor of the Villa Empain pool, she instinctively felt that it had to be ‘swum’. At her 2018 exhibition at San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, she felt just as strongly that the Abbey’s perfectly proportioned chapter house needed to be walked in.

Linda Karshan’s performance drawings, whether on paper or in space, are produced in an exceptional state of presence. They are guided by her inner choreography and aspire to conditions of near-zero gravity.

Linda Karshan (born in Minneapolis, United States, 1947) attended Skidmore College (New York State), where she studied with a former disciple of Josef Albers – Robert Reed – who encouraged her to draw right-handed although she was left-handed. Thus, she strove to unlearn what she knew as advocated by the former Bauhaus teacher. Simultaneously, she learnt to choreograph her drawing, orchestrating it and structuring it more effectively. The large sheets of paper onto which she marks the measurements of her body are traversed by horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and curved lines, which inter­sperse her markings in her temporality, between freedom of movement and inner needs, between geometric rigour and human imperfection.