As part of the opening of the exhibition How will it end? , the Boghossian Foundation organises a lecture that reveals what goes on behind the scenes of the images of Beirut shown at the Villa Empain.

Produced by the Iconem team during an emergency mission at the request of the UNESCO, the film shown exposes the extent of the damages caused by the explosions of the 4th of August 2020 and what remains of the bled dry city.

The Founder of Iconem Yves Ubelmann will unveil, in conversation with Joyce Azar, what goes on behind the production of the films, from the day following the events, his experience in the field, and the values of these images that are essential tools for deciphering the disaster. He will also discuss the importance of these documents for the reconstruction of Beirut and the need to answer the question: how can we envision the future of the city?