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This catalogue was designed for the A dream of eternity exhibition.

The Boghossian Foundation has chosen to evoke the long time here; not from a scientific approach, but rather through the presentation of artistic expressions stemming from various cultures and times.
The project for this exhibition came from an impressive selection of oriental embroidered textiles. In order to emphasize the dialogue between various cultures, the Boghossian Foundation chose to present these magnificent textiles in addition to the other creations which inevitably evoke the long time necessary for their realization: lacquers, miniatures, lace, and jewelry, are especially a part of these testimonies.

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  • Title: Un rêve d’éternité.
  • Date of publication: October 2011
  • Number of pages: 140
  • Language: French
    Texts from: Werner A
  • ISBN: 978-2-87126-048-6

With contributions from Werner Adriaenssens, Jean Boghossian, Gisèle Croës, Christophe Dosogne, Caroline Esgain, Diane Hennebert, Annie Kevorkian, Frédéric Lenoir, Xenia Politou, Amina Taha Hussein-Okada.