This catalogue was designed for the Melancholia exhibition.

The Boghossian Foundation presents its new exhibition, Melancholia, at the Villa Empain. The exhibition examines the origins and manifestations of this feeling – manifest in both the East and the West since ancient history – which unremittingly reminds us of a lost origin, and instills in us a sense of mourning for a past world.

The catalogue includes an anthology of quotes from modern and contemporary poets and writers, as well as photographs of the exhibition. Among others, it presented in situ installations, specially conceived for Melancholia, in the Villa and the Foundation’s garden.

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  • Title: Melancholia
  • Date of publication: March 2018
  • Number of pages: 170
  • Trilingual Catalogue: English, Dutch and French.
  • ISBN: 9782960191479

The texts were written by Louma Salamé.

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