This catalogue was designed for the Colors of the Orient, arts and lifestyle in the Ottoman empire exhibition.

In order to show the evolution and the blooming of the arts of the Ottoman Empire, since their Byzantine roots, this exhibition proposed a selection of about 300 creations and objects through a route which follows the timeline and emphasizes the richest periods.
The exhibited works distinguished themselves, not only by the splendor of the used materials, but also by the invention, the refinement and the know-how of the artists and craftsmen who created them. Furthermore, as the title of the exhibition indicates, the arts of the Ottoman Empire ceaselessly sought colors, whether through textiles and carpets, miniatures and paintings, calligraphy or ceramics.

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  • Title: Couleurs d’Orient, Arts et arts de vivre dans l’Empire ottoman.
  • Date of publication: November 2010
  • Number of pages: 124
  • Language: French
  • ISBN: 978 -2-87126-044-8

With contributions from Albert Boghossian, Jean Boghossian, Laure Dorchy, Christophe Dosogne and Frédéric Hitzel.