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For her master in jewellery design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Nina Faivre created unique necklaces, rings, brooches, and mantle necklaces, composed of gold, silver and gemstones. This collection is about secrets, hence the fitting title ‘Don’t tell anyone’. Each piece of jewellery has a unique gemstone within an enclosing structure of precious metals, which is similar to how all our diverse and unique secrets are enclosed in our silence.

  • Jewel: ‘Brooch eye’
    • Materials: Silver 925, quartz lazulite, rainbow moonstone
    • Price: 600 €
  • Jewel: ‘Black ring’
    • Materials: Patinated brass, amethyste from brazil
    • Price: 600 €
  • Jewel: ‘Cinetic ring’
    • Materials: Brass gold plated 18kt, quartz hematite
    • Price: 420 €
  • Jewel: ‘Black necklace’
    • Materials: Patinated silver 925, cubic zirconia
    • Price: 456 €
  • Jewel: ‘Jacket chain’
    • Materials: Silver 925 (+835 for the attachment), quartz tourmaline
    • Price: 1.020 €
  • Jewel: ‘Sharing necklace’
    • Materials: Structure : 18kt gold plated brass, chain : 925 silver also 18kt gold plated, stone : quartz hematite
    • Price: 696 €
  • Jewel: ‘Collier triangle’
    • Materials: Silver 925, quartz lazulite
    • Price: 840€

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