LECTURE | 2022-2024: where does the war in Ukraine stand?

Where does the war in Ukraine stand two years after Russian aggression? The Boghossian Foundation is pleased to welcome two war specialists to discuss the subject, Jean Lopez and Michel Goya.

LECTURE | Armenia: a time-tested identity (Sold out)

As part of the exhibition Armenia. Contemplating the sacred, Bernard Coulie, a doctor in philology and oriental history, and an immense specialist in Armenia, seeks to define Armenian identity by drawing on a millennia-long history and current events.

Tales | Legends of Armenia (Sold out)

As part of the exhibition Armenia. Contemplating the sacred, storyteller Marie-Rose Meysman takes you to the land of monasteries and ancient churches, where legends and stories have been passed down for centuries.

PERFORMANCE | Dinner with Parajanov

Georgian artist Irina Kurtishvili presents a performance based on the legacy of film-maker Sergei Paradjanov, an installation in which tableware becomes a symbol of the passage of time.

SOLO PERFORMANCE | Tribute to Khalil Gibran (Sold out)

For one evening, Roda Fawaz summons the renowned Lebanese poet to the Villa Empain for a journey into the unknown.

SCREENING | L’homme qui peint des gouttes d’eau

The Boghossian Foundation invites you to discover the film about Korean artist Kim Tschang-Yeul at the Brussels Art Film Festival, echoing the exhibition Water at the Villa Empain.

LECTURE | Armenia, a millenia-old heritage at risk and new technologies

On the occasion of the exhibition Armenia. Contemplating the sacred, the Boghossian Foundation invites Yves Ubelmann to reveal the behind-the-scenes footage from the films shown in the exhibition during a talk at the Villa Empain.

LECTURE | Is a confrontation between the United States and China unavoidable?

The Boghossian Foundation welcomes the China specialist Pierre Grosser for a lecture on relations between the two leading world powers. Is there an alternative to war ?

LECTURE | Nagorno-Karabakh, a new armenian tragedy

Can the international community turn a blind eye to the tragedy unfolding in Armenia? The Boghossian Foundation deciphers the dramatic situation with a panel of experts.

LATE NIGHT OPENING | Museum Night Fever 2023

As part of Museum Night Fever, the Boghossian Foundation comes alive with films and poetic performances. Meet the children and women of Samusocial, or discover the dances inspired by Eastern and Western cultures of the Danza Duenza collective.