OPEN STUDIO | Amélie Berrodier

Come and meet the artist Amélie Berrodier who, as part of her residency at the Villa Empain, is presenting her work in the artists’ studio. During her residency, Amélie Berrodier filmed the Foundation’s team and exhibition guards. Her work Collection is a portrait of architecture, a contemporary art institution and the staff who works there.

TALES | Sometimes it’s better with two

On the eve of the summer holidays, storyteller Marie-Rose Meysman invites young and old to discover tales about couples, friendships… Exciting stories inspired by the exhibition Josef and Anni Albers, iconic couple of modernism.

LITERARY EVENING | Cities that never leave us

From Beirut to Paris, we examine issues of displacement and language through the artistic and literary work of Valérie Cachard and Lamia Ziadé, guests of the Midis de la Poésie.

LECTURE | When did the Armenian genocide end?

Did the end of the First World War and the fall of the Young Turks in the autumn of 1918 put an end to the massacres of Armenians and other Christian minorities in a fallen Empire?

ONLINE LECTURE | Josef and Anni Albers

The Boghossian Foundation invites you to join the inaugural evening dedicated to the Josef and Anni Albers exhibition and discover the work of these immense modernist artists in a new light.

LATE NIGHT OPENING | Brussels Museums

On the occasion of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, the Boghossian Foundation is opening the doors of the Josef and Anni Albers exhibition in the evening.

ONLINE LECTURE | The temptation of Mars: war and peace in the 21st Century

Ghassan Salamé, former Minister of Culture in Lebanon, diplomat and university professor, discusses his latest book, an unprecedented look at the world stage, with Christophe Ayad, reporter for Le Monde, at a special evening at the Villa Empain.

LECTURE | 2022-2024: where does the war in Ukraine stand?

Where does the war in Ukraine stand two years after Russian aggression? The Boghossian Foundation is pleased to welcome two war specialists to discuss the subject, Jean Lopez and Michel Goya.

LECTURE | Armenia: a time-tested identity (Sold out)

As part of the exhibition Armenia. Contemplating the sacred, Bernard Coulie, a doctor in philology and oriental history, and an immense specialist in Armenia, seeks to define Armenian identity by drawing on a millennia-long history and current events.

Tales | Legends of Armenia (Sold out)

As part of the exhibition Armenia. Contemplating the sacred, storyteller Marie-Rose Meysman takes you to the land of monasteries and ancient churches, where legends and stories have been passed down for centuries.